Thursday, 23 February 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Thirst by Paul Mason

Walt: Find Evidence from the text to support my answers. Analyse the text to understand the key themes and messages.

In Mrs Ilaoa's literacy class, we were reading a text called thirst that has a little boy who steals another family's water from their tank because he is trying to help his family out. The reason being, is because his family is poor and they have no money to pay the company to bring water to their house. The little boy and his little sister's uniforms have not been washed for a month because they don't have enough water to even take a shower. Then we had to do a Character Web that explains everything about the main character. Also we had to answer a lot of questions that we had to think really hard about.

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  1. Hi Roimata, I am really impressed with your work ethic! You have completed all literacy tasks set and to a high standard. Ka pai! I really like how you made connections back to Aitutaki.