Monday, 27 February 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Blog Post

What I think "Te Taiao o Tamaki?" means for me is that we need to help people to stop polluting our waters and oceans because we never know if fresh water will still be around in the future. The reason why Mr Burt chose this topic "Te Taiao o Tamaki" is because not enough people are looking after our environment and they are not taking care of our trees and birds. 

The environment is really important to us locals, but the only way we can save our fresh water is to stop polluting our oceans and take our rubbish into bins so our environment could be clean and fresh. Oceans, Streams, Lakes and Rivers are no dumping places where you can throw your rubbish everywhere, that is why we have bins. Make sure you or your friend are doing the right thing and not dumping your rubbish on the ground.

That is why lot's of our beautiful sea creatures and land animals are dying because we are not putting out rubbish in the right places and also we need to stop polluting the air or ocean because it is very dangerous and we never know if their will be any fresh water left in the whole wide world. This is what "Te Taiao o Tamaki" means to me and what "The Environment of Tamaki" is.

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  1. This is a great explanation for Te Taiao o Tamaki Roimata! I look forward to seeing what our class comes up with in terms of helping to look after our environment.