Friday, 10 February 2017

Blog Journal Reflection

What have you enjoyed?

What I have enjoyed of these first 2 weeks at school was cool because I got to meet my old teachers and see some new students joining our amazing school. What I also enjoyed was seeing all of my best friends again and getting to talk to them.

What has been difficult? 

The only thing that was really difficult for me was seeing the old Year 8's gone into college and they have already parted ways with each other. Another thing that has been really difficult for me was having to say goodbye to our old teachers Miss Clark and Miss Berry. These two really special teachers found their dream jobs.

What is new this year?

There has been many new changes in our school because their are now new students, teachers who have joined our beautiful school to see how we do our learning on our chromebooks. There has also been new changes to our school because we now have new prefects who would lead our school to success.

What's your new classes?

Our new classes that we have this year is kiwisport. What we're doing for kiwi sport is Hockey with our amazing teacher who would be teaching us about the drills and rules and also how to control the ball with your hockey stick. My other new class that I have attended for tech is cooking, cause last year I was in graphics. But I ended up moving to cooking for tech this year.

What are you looking forward too?

What I'm looking forward to for this year is going to the polyfest and going to the Year 8's leadership camp. Another thing that I'm looking forward to for this year is getting new opportunities and trying to achieve my goal. I am wanting to set out my goals for myself so that I can be really successful. 

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