Thursday, 23 February 2017

Water Worries - Letter to the Council

Dear Council, 

We have a lot of worries about the amount of water that we have and the water on earth covers more than ⅔ of the earth. One of the most things that we need to worry about is that their is only about 97 percent on the planet is all saltwater, when their is about 3 percent of the planet’s total water supply is freshwater.

Another worry of the citizens on earth is that their are some people wasting our precious water and it will concern us if we can ever learn how to save water without wasting the water. We also need to learn that rivers, lakes, streams and oceans are not our rubbish and they are meant to be respected.

The reason why most of our beautiful beaches and oceans are polluted is because we are not respecting them and keeping it clean. We need to always remember that every drop of water counts and never to waste our water.

What I would like to ask of you, is to try and fix this problem. We are starting to lose lot’s of our water, we cannot survive without water because it is an important source to help us stay alive and never get dehydrated. What I also want is for people to treat water properly and never try polluting our water or throwing rubbish into the oceans. 


From Roimata.

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