Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Te Taiao o Tamaki - Kiwi Kids News 2K17

Walt: Find evidence from the text to support my answers. Analyse the text to understand key themes and messages.

Our task was to finish everything off before we could come onto this work. I was an early bird so I had to finish it off. Once you have finished everything else, we had to do a Recall and Thinking to each text that we read and making sure that our answers are correct. Then we had to post our answers in our own presentations that we have created on our own. The work was really difficult, but at the same time, it was easy because I managed to go through some questions.

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  1. Hi Roimata,

    I was really surprised about the government launching a $3 million litter campaign. I really liked reading your little description in the bottom. Do you think that the campaign will be successful?