Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Year 7 Fun time

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In the last week of Term 1 the Year 8’s had to leave school because of camp. While they were gone, the Year 7’s was now the leader of the school and that we had to show how amazing and how responsible we can be. The Year 7’s had a great experience of learning while doing fun things to make our learning better.

On the first day, we got a great opportunity to watch a movie called “Boys2men” It was about a little boy named “Malanga” and that he was getting abused by his caregiver. While we were watching a movie it was also good because it would make learning much more better for the rest of us. When we were still watching the movie, we got to eat some popcorns and get selected if we wanted to lie down on the bean bag.

On the fourth day, we got split into 4 groups and separated into two classrooms (Room 2 and Room 4) We had to try and complete our art. The first step that we had to do was to grab any flower colour then chose two more flowers so that it can look amazing. When you finish that then you can connect it with all the other flowers and carry on the pattern. If you don’t have enough pins or any flowers then you can try and use your brain to figure out on what to do.

On the last day, the cooking team had to work with Miss Clark and help her with all the cooking. While they were setting up the food, the rest of us had to move to our stations and carry on of what we were doing yesterday. Then 3 hours later one group finished off their flower and had to take it to Miss Muliaumasealii so she could say “That is fine now, you can put it on the table” So we went and put our finished work on the table and waited for the next instructions.

Before we could sit down and wait for the next instructions, we had to bring all the desk and chairs in the middle so that the classroom is tidy. When we have finished that, then we can sit down and relax with the other kids. We were watching some of the old Manaiakalani movies that has been made from Pt England students. 
When the food was ready, some of us had to help Miss Muliaumasealii put the finished flowers up on each poll so when the Year 8 comes back from camp, then we will make them feel welcomed and make sure that the space is nice and tidy. When the food was ready and prepared, we had to run all the way around the field then we have to come back and sit down on a chair.

On the table, the food was prepared and for our hard work we got an a reward and it was “Coca Cola”. We all had a piece of fruit and Pasta set right in front of us. While we were eating, some of us went to have more than they could. But we have to fill up our tummies so that we don’t have to eat anymore.

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