Friday, 27 May 2016

Wool and Nail Art - Mr Wisemen's Class

Walt: Explain the Process on how to make your own Wool and Nail Art.
As you can see, here is a photo of me and my group. We have been working on Wool and Nail Art, our task was to make as many shapes as we could. Step 1. Our first task was to get a paper star, Step 2. We had to grab at least 11 Nail so that the star can stay still, Step 3. Make sure that the nail is on the edges of the star so that you are ready to go through the second Process, Step 4. When you finish that, then your piece of artwork should look something like this. But we still have more work to do before we even finish.
As you can see now, the one that we did before is now different. Step 1. Try and remove the paper star that you had in the first place, Step 2. Once you finish removing the paper star, then you can choose only one wool because it will look a little better, Step 3. You can try and make as many shapes as you can, so that you got heaps of options to choose whether you want the shape that you did first or did something else.

At the end, I thought that me and my group has done a really great job because we have been working so hard on this project. I also think that I have been working hard and cooperating with my team so that we can finish in time for the next Process. 

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  1. Hi there,
    I really like your Art Work I wish that you got a good time
    Good thinking you are so creative
    Well Done