Monday, 30 May 2016

Flax Roses

Walt: Watch the clip to find out on how to make your own Raranga Putiputi (Rose made out of Flax) You could either follow the clip or read the instructions to know on what to do.

Task: Our task was to Watch the clip once and try watching it again buy this time on our own and watch it on our own Chromebooks. Then we had to try and create a new document to right down step by step on how to do it right and try make it look like the one that showed on the clip. First we find a partner so that we can get a taste of what the real project will be. When you finish that, then you will get 2 Flax but the first flax is the testing one that you are trying to do, then the second one that you will be doing is to make sure you make it just like you wanted it to be.

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