Monday, 16 May 2016

Kindness Talk

Walt: Make a blog post about Nate's Attitude talk and add what was happening during the event.
On Wednesday, we had a really special guest called Nate. He came over to our school to talk about Kindness and how to show people how to be kind so that they can share your knowledge of kindness to the world. He had a great personality because he was inspiring us about being kind to others and make sure that they can be happy. 

Nate works at a place called “Attitude”. He gives inspirational talks to children so that they can pass his knowledge on to other people and make them feel better about themselves. He talked to us about Who we are and what we do in life. He was wanting to know our personality, so then he gave names to 4 animals to describe our own personality.

The dog was the Golden Retriever which means that he is really kind and a really peaceful animal and a dog is also really loyal. The Otter was the Entertainer which means that he is a person that entertains others, for example your a Clown and you're trying your hardest to make people laugh.

The Beaver is a hardworking animal which means that he builds things and that he is really good at finishing off his work. The most important thing about a Beaver is that it is a really great builder and that they love to build new things.

The Lion is a Leader which means that he is really bossy and he tells people what to do so that he makes sure that they follow his rule. But if you want other people to listen to you, then you have to also make sure that you’re helping out with others. Then he was talking to us about other people are different from one another and that you don’t have to be the same as the other person.

Nate’s message was “You don’t have to be like other people and be a great person to others, you just have to be yourself. At the end, he taught me a really great lesson to be kind to others and make sure that you “Make Kindness go Viral” so that the world                                                                   can be a better place to live in.

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