Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Immersion Assembly

Walt: Write a recount about the Immersion Assembly and what happened.

Today on Monday 2nd of May 2016, each Team from Team 1 all the way to Team 5 had to perform an item of what they will be working on today. The Theme that Pt England school will be working on is called “As I see it” because we will be making different kinds of artwork to show what we all are doing. We have to try and see different perspectives from any painting that we paint. 

Team 5 teachers has made a little item learning about the 4 different Waka’s meaning and they represent. Miss Tele’a was playing as Hinemoana, Miss Berry was playing as Te Aurere, Miss Garden was playing as Hokule’a, Miss Sadler was playing as Hikianalia and Miss Clark was playing as the person that will be introducing all the contestants. Hinemoana was guided by the Ocean, Te Aurere was guided by the Blood and sweat, Hokule’a was guided by her Ancestors, Hikianalia was guided by the Stars.

All the Waka’s lined up at the starting line, Miss Clark Said “Are your marks, get set, GO!” All the Waka’s started going as fast as they could, Hinemoana was in the lead until Hokule’a started catching up. While the two Waka’s was racing, Hikianalia and Te Aurere started be really aggressive with each other because they could not win the race. All 4 Waka’s was being really Competitive with each other.

Hinemoana tried stopping Hokule’a by going in her way and pushing her aside, but there was nothing that could stop Hokule’a from winning. Hokule’a was nearly at the finish line but Hinemoana was pulling Hokule’a from the finish line, then Hokule’a went down and she won the race. At the end Hikianalia and Te Aurere lost, at the end it was a really tough game against Hinemoana and Hokule’a but unfortunately Hokule’a won. Hikianalia and Te Aurere was congratulating Hokule’a and Hinemoana started to bring up a fight.

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