Monday, 16 May 2016

Revolution Tour

                                           Walt: Write a blog post about Revolution Tour.

On May 12th, we had really special guest called “Revolution Tour”, they came to Auckland, NZ from America just to perform for us. We were really lucky because they just came to perform for us Year 7 and 8’s to teach us more thing of being kind and teaching us lessons. It was really a privilege to have them come to our school and teach us more about their lives and how to be a better person.

There was a lot of them that came to visit our school. There were 2 girls that were singers, 1 boy that was doing beats and also good at saying a Poem, 1 boy that was really good at doing songs and making some cool beats. He was like a DJ because he was making some beats and spinning these DVD’s around but he was also a Guitarist.

The last one (Which was the Boss) came out and introduced himself, his name was Reggie Dabbs. The two things that he was really good at was telling Jokes and playing the Sax. His message was that “You can’t change the Past, but you can change the Future”.

That was a really great message for us because when he was just a baby, his mum gave him away to her favourite teacher. He never knew that he had a Mum, Sister or even brothers. He was really sad, the reason why he came to our school because the teachers saved his life. At the end, I was really happy and that he was encouraging us to let go of the past and move on with your life.

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