Monday, 30 May 2016

Johnny Angel - Graphic Novelist

Walt: Watch the Video and try to get as much information about how the Graphic Novelist Johnny Angel created the first and ever Samoan superhero Afi.

Task: Our task was to watch the video of Miss Muliaumasealii interviewing the Graphic Novelist Johnny Angel. When Johnny was just a little kid, he was inspired of drawing something new until one day he had an idea to draw his own superhero. Johnny was the first and ever Graphic Novelist to ever create a superhero and that his name was Afi. The name "Afi" was a Samoan name for Fire. Johnny Angel said "Future Technology, Go's Hand in Hand", that was one of Johnny's main points that he gave to us. Johnny Angel will always say that whenever he wakes up in the morning then he feels motivated to draw some new characters and that he has Passion to do whatever he wants to do in his life.;

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