Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Cooking - Tech

Walt: Blog about your day at Food Tech
Today at Cooking for Tech, we have been cooking Pie with our wonderful teacher. But we were only doing the pastry because we had to also blog about what we were doing. I took some snapshots of our cooking process and I also took a video to show how amazing our cooking was going to turn out delicious next week on Tuesday.

We have made Mince Pie, we are also going to add the last piece for next week on Tuesday for our next tech day at cooking. We needed the following things, 2 cups for the soy sauce and flour, then we need one onion and a mince to mix it together. Then we had to get a teaspoon of oil and put it inside the pan. Then we needed to put the cut up onion into the pan and cut up the mince to make sure it is spread out

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  1. Kia ora Roimata,

    Thanks for commenting on my blog now its my turn! This blog post made my mouth watering! Remember to make my pie for lunch time next week. Just kidding. You have an amazing blog post about tech.

    Looking forward for your next blog post!