Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Food Tech - Tamaki College

Walt: Each tech group that you go to, make sure to blog about it everyday on what you did.
Today at Tamaki College, we were cooking Pizza Wheels with our wonder cooking teacher, Miss Heka. We had to either be in 3 or 4 groups in each kitchen. But the hard thing was, that we needed to follow the instructions that was given by Miss Heka and we needed to make sure that we make it right because we might make a mistake.

We have been learning how to follow instructions and to listen carefully to all of the ingredients that we needed to do. The first time we started food tech, we were making milkshakes so it can get us started and to teach us on what we will be doing for the rest of the year. The second thing that we did on the next day of tuesday, we were making Jam and Cinnamon Bun. 

I have enjoyed learning lot's of things about cooking and what to use to make the cooking taste delicious. I look forward to the next cooking that we will be doing next week on Tuesday.

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