Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Tech - Cooking (Final Step)

Today at Tamaki for Tech, we have been carrying on with what we did for last week. We were working on cooking our mince before it reaches today, then we had to get 2 pastry's because one was for the bottom of the pie and the other one was for the top of the pie. It took a little while to cook because my partner wouldn't listen and follow the instructions.

I really enjoyed making pies with everybody in my class and I would like to try it out at home. I can also try making pies whenever we are going to picnic because sometimes I can be very hungry. This has helped me to get better at cooking and also to get me prepared for the future ahead of me.

Here are some pictures that I have taken during the process of making the pie.


  1. WOW,
    Those pies look mean as Roimata, I'm really hungry now! I was really happy that you included photos because it really goes with you description. I look forward to reading your next post ! :)

  2. Kia orana Roimata,

    As Stanley said them pies look mean! They have made my mouth watering and I feel like some pies now! Amazing photo's you took. Hopefully you enjoy your pie!

    I look forward to see your new blog post!

    From Amelia