Friday, 17 March 2017


Walt: Write a highlight about our trip to Polyfest
“Have you ever been to Polyfest?” and “Why do you enjoy Polyfest so much?” Yesterday was !AWESOME! because we got the opportunity to watch some amazing performance from other schools around Auckland. Here are some highlights that I have enjoyed at Polyfest yesterday and, why people should come to watch students. Polyfest was part of our education to see why people enjoy it so much.

My first highlight was when we arrived to Polyfest, we got to see other different schools from around Auckland and see lot's of amazing stalls that was set out by other people. The first place that we went to was Flava that represented Hip Hop & RN'B. We got to get tattoo's on any body part that we chose, we also got to play video games and interview each other with the same equipment that the Flava staff uses. 

My second highlight that I enjoyed at Polyfest was going to the Niue stage and watching their amazing performance that they have been practising on for a really long time. Their were lot's of people who came to support the Niue group. We got to see some of the ex students that use to attend Pt England School. I saw Jalen and Howard performing in the front row.

Polyfest is really important because your family members are representing their culture, who they are, and their whanau. It will be a great experience for students and parents to enjoy the stalls that they sell and you can enjoy a life experience at every stage that you go to. Their were some active activities that we got to play and have some laughs at because you get to have lot's of fun. It's not about having fun and enjoying yourself, it's about educating ourselves and learning more about each culture.

That is the reason why Polyfest is a great education for us kids and why people enjoy the celebration of Polyfest this year. I had lot's of fun at Polyfest yesterday and it was a great experience for me to go to other stages to watch students perform till their hearts content. I have learnt lot's about Polyfest and why people think Polyfest is really important for us and our education.  

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