Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Cross Country - Effective Writing (Show not tell)

Walt: Write an effective writing about Cross Country and make sure that you Show and not Tell your audience what happened at Cross Country. 

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I could hear the roaring of the crowd pounding in my ears, I took deep breaths, focused and ready for a new battle to commence. I was out of my comfort zone, watching the crowd cheer and awaiting for the runners to push their limit until the battle has ended. I could feel my tummy twist and turn in different directions and I could feel butterflies flying everywhere inside me. 

Are your marks, Get set, Go!, The battle has finally commenced, the crowd was going wild, cheering to students to give them encouragement to finish off the battle. I ran like the wind as if I was a cheetah chasing after its prey, I could feel my burning lungs as if I was poisoned, I was gasping for air, trying to finish off my second lap. Tension was building inside me.


  1. Hi Roimata, this is some great descriptive writing. I like how you have shown not told your reader about the cross country. Well done!