Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley - Gabriel & Saia

Image result for khan academyToday at Pt England School, we got two really special guest that came to visit our Team 5 Block to talk about their trip to Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley is located in California, Usa which is near San Francisco in the West side. Gabriel and Saia were the 2 lucky Tamaki College that got chosen from all over the world to visit different kinds of business companies in America and to see how they run their company. Only 8 students from all over the world got chosen from different schools to visit these really special companies that they know and some that is really brand new to them.

The Company that I would like to visit in America is Khan Academy because it is a place that I’ve never been to before and that I would like to know more about this mysterious place that I’ve never heard of before. At Khan Academy, there are all kinds of different types that you could do. You can learn Maths, Art, Computer programming, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Finance, History and more.

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational company created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan with the aim of providing a “free, world-class education for anyone in the world that would like to learn about these new things. Salman Khan was the one person that was the Co founder of Khan Academy and also the person who found Khan Academy in the first place. One day in the future, I would like to visit Khan Academy and learn as much as I can so that I can bring that knowledge back with me and use it to reach my goals and get better with my learning

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