Thursday, 18 August 2016

How Our Muscles Work?

                                  Walt: Create an Explanation about How Our Muscles Work.

Last week, in reading, we investigated what muscle fatigue was and why our muscles get fatigued. This week we are going to investigate even further and write about How our Muscles Work. We had to watch two little video’s to tell us different kinds of information that we need to know about our muscles that we have in our body and what their jobs are.

Whenever you are holding something really heavy, it is Skeletal muscles which are also called Voluntary muscles working that enable you to do it . You can bend these muscles and move them when you’re going for a walk, running, swimming, smiling, tying your shoes up, keeping your eyes focused, writing your own name, or even waving to a friend. Skeletal muscles is just one type though they’re the kind you think of when you are trying to think of muscles. Power and Strength that you get in your body comes from your Skeletal muscles. A person has more than 600 muscles inside our bodies in different shapes and sizes, our muscles also have different kinds of jobs that they do to make our bodies move better. Skeletal muscles are attached to one end of another bone and it stretches across the joint, the place where two bones meet, and attach to the bone on the other side of your body.

The tricep muscle is an extensor and making sure that you’re muscle has straighten the arm. The sensors in the muscles send messages back to the brain, and the result is smooth, coordinated movement. I can say that messages in the brain can travel up to 268 miles or an hour. If your body feels something really painful, the muscles will send a signal back to your brain to alert your brain that there's something wrong with you.

The muscles move your body parts by decreasing or even relaxing. They work in pairs called Flexors and Extensors. In your arm, the bicep muscles is a flexor and to bend your arm at the elbow, which is a joint. The Bicep muscle is a two - headed that lies on the upper arm of our body.

The types of muscles that we have inside our body is Smooth muscles, Cardiac muscles, and Skeletal muscles. Another way of saying Smooth muscles is called Involuntary this means that they work even doe you're not trying. When a person happens to through up, the smooth muscle in the stomach is out worked. Cardiac muscles keep your heart beating, and Smooth muscles is found in your stomach, intestines, and Bladder. When you decide to move, your brain sends a message through the Spinal cord to the nerves, the nerves contract the muscles you want to move.

We let our Skeletal muscles to do all the work if we are carrying something really heavy and another way of saying Skeletal muscles is called Voluntary muscles. Our muscles have all kinds of different jobs to operate our body so that we can move better. For me personally, muscles are very important to us because it moves our bodies and that it is really helpful. If we never had muscles inside our bodies, we won’t be able to move at all.

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