Friday, 26 August 2016

Hiwi the Kiwi

                        Walt: Write a recount about Hiwi the Kiwi about what happened Yesterday.

Yesterday we got two speakers and their names were Chrissy and Mark. They came to our school to teach us about safety. The one lesson that they were going to teach us today was about being safe whenever we are in the water. We were singing some songs and having lot’s of fun, but some songs had a little bit of messages to teach us about how to be safe in the water and whenever we are close to the water.

The first song we were singing was called “Kai Moana”. The messages inside the song was if we get the right fish, then we could get more fish in the future. The next lesson that I learnt was S.O.S and it was about saving the birds because our community is losing to much of these precious birds and they are really important for our community to make sure that we can get more fish in the future.

The next lesson was if we don’t wear a life jacket, we won’t be safe in the water because life jacket’s could save our lives and to make sure that we won’t die because it would make us float in the water without drowning. Whenever we are going out to sea, we always need to bring a Life jacket and always wear it just for safety and to make sure that we don’t drown when we're in the middle of the sea.

When we are going fishing, we always need to bring a bucket of Ice and a measurement. The reason why we need to bring a bucket of Ice so that it can cool down the fish and we also need a measurement to make sure that our fish is the right size. For example, when you are fishing for a Snapper it has to always be 30 cm long. If it’s smaller than 30 cm then you have to put the fish back into the water because it is still a baby. If the Snapper is pass 30 cm than you have to put it back because it needs to give birth.

If you catch the big fish, then we have to make sure to put it back because it will give birth to other baby fishes. We have to put it back because it is still a baby before it could even be eaten. If you would like to eat a fish, then it has to be at least 30 cm long so we can make sure that the fish is not to small and not to big for us to eat.

If you catch a fish that is from saltwater than you have to make sure that you don’t mix it up with freshwater. If you mix saltwater with freshwater than the fish would rot really easily and it won’t taste really nice. But if you bring a bucket that has salt water inside, then the fish would taste better and it won’t rot so easily. Never ever mix saltwater with freshwater because it won’t look so good at all. If you are wanting to wash a saltwater fish, then you have to try and make sure fresh water is never with saltwater.

There is a coating that is always protecting the fish from getting hurt. For example, we use sunscreen. If we wipe off the sunscreen, we will get sunburnt and it will feel really painful. Whenever you are going fishing, always grab the fish with a wet towel so that you won’t hurt the fish at all and making sure that the fishes coat is not coming off because you might get poked with it and your finger might bleed.

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