Friday, 21 March 2014

Year 5 and 6 Camp 2014

(Do you really want to know about what we did at camp?)

Last week the year 5 and 6 went to camping for three whole days. My camp group’s name was manaaki. We had to camp at school.  Some of the other year five and six camp people didn’t come to camp.  Everyone was very excited for the year 5 and 6 campers. Was It cool for you at camp.All of the year 5 and six had to sleep with our friends or with other kids.

Our first activity on Wednesday was Get lost it was a fun game to play.Mr Jacobsen was holding a trupit. First we had to get into four groups after that we had to name any name for our group,Next Mr Jacobsen told one person from each group had to grab one ipad each,because we were the manaaki team and the other team was Carerings,It was a tough game between each other Manaaki and Carerings.

First we had to go to our clue and we were singing strive to succeed,we were next to the boys we could hear their voices and we could hear our voices on the Ipad.The get lost game was very hard and it was very confusing for some of us. Alot of us was lost and we could not find each other that’s why they call the game get lost because you lose each other where ever you and your group will be going. Everyone was speeding to come back in the right time. We had to do team work with each other and never give up. We saw other people wearing outrageous costumes some other boys was wearing a tutu and a crown on top of their heads it was funny,After that we had to go to our next clue it told us that we had to go inside the hall I think and paint our faces but the other person  had to go and paint the other person’s face with the brush.

My second favourite camp game was top town. We had to grab a big wood and try cross the screaming eels so then we had to cramped each other onto one wood so then we do not need to lose a point for our team manaaki. We were changeling the other team after that we had to go and grab a basket and  there was water balloons inside,next (Mr Jacobson said to both teams when I say go you will have to try and fill up the balloons as high as you can!) After that Mr Jacobson said go so then we went and we ran as fast as we can. After that the Manaaki went to fill up our water balloon so then we can get a lot of water balloon to throw to the other group. After that Mr Jacobson blue his chrumpet and then we had to run back where we met with Mr Jacobson, After that we had to go and sit down with our group. Mr Jacobson said fire that was the signal to go and throw the water balloon at each. I got hit by one and I was kind of wet.

Last week I found myself inside the tent with a buddy. Me and my buddy suliet was cramped inside one tent.I could not breathed because I was with my buddy and both of us was squeezed. I couldn't even move a single bit,I was surrounded  by sleeping bags,so then I had to move my sleeping bag away from my buddys sleeping bag because her sleeping bag was so big after that my bags was underneath my sleeping bag.I was so cramped because suites sleeping bag was so big so that’s why I moved away from my buddy so then I can get more room for me.So then I was laugh because one person in the other tent farted and me and my buddy was laughing and giggling we could not stop laughing.

It was freezing in the middle of the night and the crickets was singing us a song. It was making me sleepy so then I fell asleep. It was nearly morning until Miss Garden used the hooter to wake all of us up. After that we had to go inside the hall with our group and do fitness it was so tiring for all of us so then we were dancing to gangnam style it was so fun we started to wake up and have fun. Before we had to do fitness I was so tired I could not get up. It was freezing everyone was so tired so sleepy so then I woke up my buddy and I saw my friend Heather she was so sleepy and her hair was very messy she was covering herself with a jacket. I could not get my jacket because I was shivering with my arms my nose and ears was cold I felt like I was going to get stick because it was very cold.

When we were eating breakfast all of us had to go and grab our plate and spoon and our cup or mug.After that some of the teachers was calling some of the group name to go and take their plate up for breakfast after that we were all watching the sunrise it was so cool some of us could not believe our eyes because it was so beautiful I was looking at the sunrise and some of the teachers told us do not look at the sun because it make you blind but I never listen I still looked at it because it was so beautiful right inside my eyes.It was so cool.

I can not wait until next year for camp, but my favorite camp game was get lost, top town, sleeping inside the tent.This is really on top of my list after that we had to go and pack up our stuff that was inside the tent and we had to go and clean the tent to make sure we could use the same old tent next year. I had fun!

This is the Year 5 and 6. This is me and my buddy sleeping inside our tent at night time.

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