Friday, 7 March 2014

1. What is the difference between seawater and freshwater?Freshwater is clean and it keeps the fishs safe.seawater is when it keeps the mangrove warm because they like warm water.  

2. Why don’t nga manawa grow in the South Island of New Zealand?because it is to cold

3. Describe what a mangrove plant does to breath?the mangrove breaths inside it’s roots because these lines are inside the soy underneath the mud.

4. List 4 animals that like to live in mangrove forests?tuna,tio,patiki,tamure

5. Why else are mangrove plants useful? List 2 other reasons from pages 16 and 18.Because it keeps the land safe from the waves when it can not come on land and make all of the houses break.

6. How did the mangrove leaves help keep fish cool?The leaves make the sun to bonch off the fish so that is how it keeps the fish safe from the hot sun.

7. Why are nga manawa thought to be taonga?because it is special for the maori people and it is special to the world.The maori people planted it for us to keeps our land safe from other big waves.

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