Monday, 17 March 2014

School Camp Fun 1.1.04 - Part 1

School Camp Fun 1.1.04 - Part 1
Pages 2-4
WALT: - Understand the story as it is read. - Use the text to search for answers.

1. What are some of the things Siobhan needs to take?Sleeping bag,warm clothes,toothbrush,Mug or cup,togs towel,plate and spoon.

2. Why do you think that plenty of Mums and Dads need to help?So then they can help other kids set up their tent or look after them.

3.  Where do you think they have their camp?They have their camp at school because some of their parents pay for their camp.So then they can have fun.

4. What do you think ‘foursies’ means?Like she is showing her Dad that she can jump on the fourth monkey bar.

5. Why does Siobhan's Dad get changed after the swim?So then he can help the other parents to tell some of the kids to get out and get changed or some of the other kids to stay inside the pool and swim around.


This is a picture of the parents putting up the tents for the other kids so then they can sleep inside their tent with other people or with their friends.

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