Friday, 7 March 2014

Life Cycle of A Frog - Explanation

(Do you want to know the 4 stages of a life cycle of a frog?)
Well you came to the right place.

First it starts it’s life as a little tiny egg.The stick jelly helps to protects the egg from enemies.For a few weeks it hatches from it’s egg.And it is a tadpole it breaths though it’s gills so then it can breath under water.The tail keeps the whole body fast.

The tadpole is a little animal that lives inside the pond.Sometimes it gets eaten by other creatures inside the pond.Because they are very little and very slow too.Sometimes they like to live under the rock or under the flowers sometimes.So then the predators can’t see all of the frogs that are hiding from the dangerous creatures inside the pond.

The frog is like when an adult comes and lay its egg on the pond.The egg is a stick jelly that is soft and it keeps the frogs safe from enemies.After 21 days it starts to hatch from it’s egg and it is a start of a new life it the tadpole sets off in the pond swimming around because it is trying to look The tadpole likes to eat leaves from the pond.When the frog is tired it sleeps on the sand.The tadpole can breath inside the water because the gill starts to grow longer it helps the tadpole to get oxygen when it is inside the pond swimming around the pond.For a few week the tadpole is starting to grow back legs and then the front legs starts to grow.After that the gill starts to disappear and the tail to because it is getting shorter.It is ready to live on land after that it go’s on a leaf and jumps everywhere.It is now a adult frog.

The adult frog is called a metamorphosis and it is starting to lay eggs again the start of a new life.


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