Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Camp Coming

Would you want to sleep at Pt England School? Well guess what? I am going to tell you what does it feels like at camp.Well you came to the right place.

On Wednesday,Thursday,Friday we have camp.We signed up because it is all about having fun at school!We are camping because we need to know each other.Camp is like when you feel like you're at home but you are not at home.

I am so excited about playing with all of the equipment inside the hall that is what I am so excited of doing at school.But the thing that I kind of don’t like doing at camp is being away from you family and your food that you want to eat at home.But I just need to be strong and i just need to be brave away from my family.I hope that I will be happy at school when I am away from my beautiful home.

And my other favourtie thing is to eat burgers and other food that we will be eat.It is because it has some good letters inside of it.And my other favourite thing is kayaking because I never been kayaking in my whole life I hope it is fun! Mr Burt will be showing the year five and six how to kayaking. We will be kayaking across the blue clear sea.

Keep checking back for more Year five and six camp. I hope you know everything about what it is. Make sure keep on checking out for more information about our camp.

This is the Year 5 and 6 camp last year.

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