Friday, 8 July 2016

Day 2 - Activity 1: Vinicius e Tom (Mascot of Rio)

Tom and Vinicius Video #1

Everybody is at the Beach walking along the beach carrying a little logo design that has the word (Rio 2016) and it also has some people that is drumming all the way at the front of everybody else. Little colourful things are going around the trees to make all of the Trees and Flowers grow to become big and strong. Then the little colourful things went into another big circle and the little circle disappeared. Something came out of the little circle and a little Spit of yellow sunlight shot out of the little circle onto the ground and it created a a little colourful Monkey that has the word on it's chest. The little yellow light was now spinning around the monkey and it is showing the Monkey the way through.

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  1. Hi Roimata,

    Wow! You are doing so well this holiday with your blogging. You are already onto Day 2. That's amazing!

    I hope that you enjoyed the episode of the Tom and Vinicius show on Youtube. They look like very cute mascots. I am looking forward to seeing them on the television when the Rio Olympics start on 5 August 2016. Will you have the chance to watch any of the Rio Olympics?

    Cheers, Rachel