Friday, 25 November 2016

What is Matter?

          What is Matter made of?

People are made out of matter, Matter are the stuff of the universe and it is the substance of a physical object is made out of. Matter is something that is made out of Particles, particles are tiny building blocks that make up matter.

The devices that we use and animals are also made out of particles. Since Particles are so tiny, your eyes are going to be hard to see them for yourself because if you use a Microscope, then you will be able to see them clearly because you are using something that is related to science. 

Just picture the particles as super small balls packed together as an object and how an object looks and behaves which we call it property. Another word which we call how an object looks and how the shape behaves is called “Property”. The word “Property” is a science word for a distinguishing quality of an object made of matter. Like its colour shape size of the temperature or weight.

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