Friday, 18 November 2016

How to make a Basic Paper Plane

Step 1. Use a regular paper.

Step 2. Fold the paper in half, the orientation of the paper should be vertical, and the crease should be along this middle, longer side. Make sure the corners of the paper matches up. Unfold the paper again. Do not turn it over.

Step 3. Fold one corner of the paper into the center of the paper and do the same thing with the other corner. The two outer edges of the paper should touch each other at the crease line. 

This should form a triangular flaps on each side of the paper. The top should be in the shape of a point.

The bottom of the edge of the flap should be a straight line.

Step 4. Fold the flap again towards the middle of the paper. Take the top corner of the outside edge and fold it towards the middle. Just like in step 3, the edges should meet up along the vertical crease in the middle.

The paper should look like a dart, with a much narrower triangular flap on each sides. Most of the paper now will be in the shape of a triangle, with a point at the top.

Step 5. Fold the paper in half. When folding the paper in half, make the fold along the vertical crease. You are folding one side of the paper on top of the other, so it should match up exactly. Run your finger or a blunt - edged tool along the crease to make it sharp.

Step 6. Then your paper plane should look like this example that I have made:

Image result for Paper planes

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