Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Te Reo Maori Pronunciation - Importance of Correcting Te Reo Maori

Walt: Write why it is really important to Pronounce Maori Words.

A boy from college was talking about people Pronouncing Te Reo Maori properly. He wanted to know why the reason is that people are pronouncing other people’s names and that they are doing the same to pronounce Maori words wrong.


I feel that it is important to learn Te Reo Maori in our age because it is important to others to know this really special language. Some of the problems in NZ is that New Zealand people are getting lazy and don’t want to learn Te Reo Maori at all, that is a really big problem for people because Te Reo Maori is a really special language for other people to try it out.

The 3 special Languages that we have in New Zealand is Maori, English and Sign Language. All of these languages are really good because we are getting really good at speaking them off by heart. But the one Language that we are slacking off is Te Reo Maori, their should be a great opportunity to learn Te Reo Maori because it is really special.

The really sad thing is that out of 4.471 Million people in NZ can’t pronounce Maori names properly and that they are saying it wrong. Only 4% of our popularity in NZ can only speak Fluent Maori and can Pronounce Maori really good.

How can we improve the numbers of speakers? The only way that we can improve the numbers of speakers and raise the level of speakers is that we should try and learn Te Reo Maori while we are still in school because it will become a great thing for Maori and that we can stop pronouncing Maori words wrong.

We at P.E.S value Te Reo Maori and we enjoy learning Maori because when we are in class, then we learn Maori all the time and that we have our own 3 amazing Maori teachers that could teach us Maori, we have our own Mihi, School Haka, School Kapa Haka, and last but not least, we have our own Himene songs that we can learn from our 3 amazing Maori Teachers.

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