Thursday, 9 June 2016

Writing - "The Legend of Red Rose" 2016

Walt: Write about Something that you would like to write about.
Once upon a time in a far away land, there lived a boy and his name was Gray. Gray was known because he was the first ever young knight to ever become a General in History. He had White hair like Snow, Smooth skin like an Apple, his eyes was like the beautiful sky that was full of hope and encouragement, His family owned a Weapon store that was always selling Weapon to the Military Force or the Knights. When Gray was just 4 years old, his mother died in a Fire Accident, so he only had a Older sister that was the boss of another country’s Military Force and his Father was the owner of the Weapon store. Gray turned 15 years old now.

Gray could see a little girl living all by herself in a Japanese temple that it’s location was unknown. While he was taking a hike, he could hear somebody crying in the Temple and walked inside with a weapon inside his hand just in case it was an Ambush. He could see a little girl, but he thought that she was a threat to him. He grabbed the baby and walked out of the abandoned Temple before anything worse could happen to him.

His guards was watching over the temple just to make sure it wasn’t a team of Bandits that was setting the trap to use a baby girl to lure in the young General. When the Young General was about to take her away, an old man came along and said to him “Their is a Secret that you must know about this young girl” and the old man said this as if he was about to die. Then the young General replied back to him “What is this Secret that I must know?” he said this in a really confused way because he wanted to know more details about her and the Secret he had to know about the little girl he was holding.

The old man replied back to him and said “She is the last survivor from Ancient times” the old man said this in a way the young General could not understand it at all. Then the young General replied back “What are you talking about?, What do you mean?” He was more confused then he was before. Then the old man replied back to him and said “Long ago in Ancient times, there was a Prophecy to be said that the blood of the Royal Family was passing down from Generations to Generations, but the one child will be born with the Royal Blood but also will have been born with a Tremendous power that not even the King or Queen could handle.

But before the young General could ask him more about this mysterious little girl, the old man already passed out and his soul left his body before his body started to burn up by itself. The young General tried to save this old man but he was already dead. So then the Young General took the little girl with him and he brought her back from his mission. When he went back to his parents house, his father was really surprised because he was holding a little girl in his arms. So ever since that day, Gray and his Father has been raising the child as if the child was their own.

They were thinking of a name to call her, Gray was looking at a really small Red Sunflower that his Mother was taking care of before she died, so then he called her “Red Rose” Gray’s father agreed to his suggested in calling the baby girl Red Rose. Red Rose had long beautiful Red hair like a sunflower blooming in the middle of Summer, Smooth White skin like Winter, Green eyes as if she was Brave to do anything in life and encouragement.

She was only 4 years old now, she would always go to the Bakery with her older brother Gray, sometimes when Gray is walking around with Red Rose then everybody will be Praising him for what he did years ago. Red Rose was always wanting to know more about what happened Years Ago and why are people Praising Gray. But one day there was big news about a war that will be happening to the village which was a really known village for having victory’s all the time and selling the most weapons in the whole villages. Before the people could even evacuate their village, the war already started and Gray had to take the little girl before anything could happen to her.

While they were running away from the War that was taking place at their village, she could see people getting shot and blood splattering everywhere. But Gray regretted the day that his Father had to distract the bad guys before they can even reach the last survivors. But before Red Rose and her brother Gray could even reach the end, Red Rose was so scared that she unleashed her power that wasn’t supposed to be awakening at a really young age until she was all grown up.

                                                   TO BE CONTINUED…….

                (Part 2 of “The Legend of Red Rose” will be coming out this year or next Term).

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