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Story - "The Legend of Red Rose" (Part 2 - 2016)

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Story - The Legend of Red Rose (Part 

When Red Rose power was now unleashed, Gray knew it was time for him to protect the little girl before the Bad guys could even get their hands on Red Rose and use her as a Weapon to take over the whole entire world. When they saw a Bright Yellow colour shining from the ground all the way to the clouds where they could see her. They already knew that their we're still some more people that was still alive and that they were trying to escape the worst war to ever occur their way.

So the Bad guys came to attack the little girl, but Gray was standing in their way to getting what they were waiting for their whole lives. The Bad guys asked Gray “Move out of our way, or do you want to die in this ugly village of yours” but the leader said this to him in a really bad mood as if he was going to kill him soon if he didn’t move out of the way. Gray never cared about their warning and attacked them with his brand new spear that his father gave to him before he did to protect his young boy.

While Gray was trying his best to fight all of them before they can even reach Red Rose. Gray’s head started splattering blood everywhere and that blood was dripping from his head like a water that has been dripped down from your forehead. Red Rose got so Anxious that she couldn't handle all the people that she ever loved to be dieing right in front of her, so when Gray was losing his eyesight to see things, She got so mad that she transformed into her true form (Which was a Terrifying Human Dragon).

When she transformed, her Hair, Skin, Eyes and her Voice has changed. Her skin now was as brown as Chocolate, Black hair as if she was going to get revenge on the Bad guys before they could even kill her first, Deep Red eyes as if she killed someone else before and her voice sounded like a deep scary voice. When the Bad guys came closer to Red Rose to see what she was doing, she was covered up with Bats everywhere around her and that one by one the bats came off by themselves. First was her Skin, the Bad guys eye never scared off that, once the bat’s that came off her leg, the rest of them came off.

The Bad Guys took another glance at this mysterious young girl and found her hair as black as the dark or you could say Pitch Black. But once they saw her Deep Red eyes, that was when they remembered about something that their boss told them about and that she was the girl that was told in the Prophecy that they kept on hearing about. They got so scared that they ended up Peeing their pants because they could not believe their eyes on what they are seeing in front of them right now.

They got so frightened, that they ended up running away when they were supposed to turn Red Rose into a Weapon for themselves. Then Red Rose went back to normal and ran up to Gray so that she can go and heal all of his wounds before he dies and get’s sent to Heaven. So she ran up to him and said “Please Gray don’t die on me, you are the only family that I have left” but she said this in a really emotional way because she wanted at least someone to play with and they can look after her.

Then Gray replied back to her and said “It’s ok because I won’t die on you” but he said this as if he was getting ready to die proudly in the hometown that he was born in and that he loved it so much. So she took half of her energy and placed it inside Gray because she wanted him to stay with her until the day that she dies. So then she placed her energy inside his body and waited for him to heal up so they can travel somewhere far away and try getting some food and a place to rest.

He woke up and looked at Red Rose as if he couldn’t believe his eyes that he still survived in the horrible war that was happening. They walked around the village to see if anything was useful for them to use while they are going to some place that is really beautiful and that none of the bad guys can get them easily. So they set off from their hometown to find “The Seven Deadly Sins” and also to find the legend about “The 7 Heroes of China”.

                                                               To be Continued.......
Part 3 of "The Legend of Red Rose" will be coming out either This Year or Next Term. 

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