Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Japanese Temple - Writing Narrative 2016 (Part 1)

Walt: Write another Narrative about something that you would like to write about.

On a Hot Summery day, there was a little village called “Kouka”. This village was full of fabulous people, amazing buildings full of delicious food, also heaps of people wearing Kimonos and Yukatas. There were some people that was travelling the world to an unknown place that they have never been before. The village was named ‘Kouka’ because long ago, the land was full of darkness and sorrowful people. But then this one man brought peace and happiness to the world.

While some people were working there butt’s off to earn some money from their bosses, they were sweating really hard because they had to work in the middle of the sun. The sun was blazing as if the whole world was going to burn from that one sun. Until an unknown child came along with only his sword and wandered around to find some food to eat for him and his friend. This child had short yellow hair like the blazing sun, smooth skin like a dolphin and eyes like the sun is setting down.

Before the unknown boy came into the village, it was already full of happiness and joyful people. While he was wandering around, some people ran into their houses because they thought that it was the end of their village and their people. When he went into the shop to have something to eat, there were a group of bandits that was wanting to have some fun with one of the waitress that was working in the shop to take their orders.

The young boy got so annoyed about the young waitress moaning out loud, he walked right up to the table and said “Hey, you better stop annoying this young lady, if you don’t then something bad will happen to you!” He said this as if he was going to kill the leader of the bandits and the rest of them to never come back and to also stop picking on young girls that are trying to do their work.

Then the leader of the bandits said “As if a little kid like you can ever defeat me, How about a challenge, if you win then I will leave this village forever and never return, but if I win then you have to become my slave forever?” and the leader of the bandits said “How about that?” and the young boy said “I accept your challenge!” some villagers stayed outside to watch who will win and the rest of the villagers stayed in their houses to make sure that the bandits will not be using them as shields or Hostages.

One of the villagers came up to the young boy and said “Are you out of your mind!, their is no way that you can take them all on and defeat the leader of the bandits!” but the man said this as if the young boy was to small to defeat that much people. Then the young boy replied back and said “If none is going to defeat them!, Who will!” but the young boy said this because he was worried about the villagers and the young waitress who was getting harassed from the leader of the bandits and the rest of them.

So they went outside and the referee came in and said “Are you mask? Get Set? GO!” but the referee was sweating so hard out because it was the first time in forever that someone has challenged the leader of the bandits and his group of bandits. First of all, the leader of the bandits sent his group of bandits to defeat the young boy because they thought that he was so weak and that he will die really easily. But the young boy was beating them up one by one and that the rest couldn’t see him because he was to fast for them to catch up to him.

But when he finished defeating them, his true identity finally got revealed and that nobody couldn’t believe their eyes of what they could see right in front of them. Then the young boy finally said “Let me introduce myself?, My name is Melodias, the leader of the Seven Deadly Sins!” When everybody heard him said his name, they were really shocked but they never believed him, so then the young boy showed them his scar. The scar on his left arm showed a dragon that was going in circles and they really believed him.

Melodias had short yellow hair like the sun, smooth skin like a dolphin and green eyes like the seaweed. But when he was about to challenge the leader of the bandits, the leader was already scared because he knew that he couldn’t defeat the young boy.

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