Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Algebra Time - Learning about Algebra and how to work it out

Walt: Solve Algebra equations through Multiplication, Division and Addition Strategies.

Task: Our task was to learn our Algebra and how to work it out. The first slide was to use our knowledge that we know to solve other questions and work it out by including Algebra. The Second slide was to carry on using the same thing but this time we had to use the Sum to work out Algebra. If that was to easy for us, then we had to move onto the next slide which was really hard to do for some of us. This time it included a really interesting occasion to solve because it had a letter "Y" and that some of us didn't understand what it was. The "Y" is a high level of Maths and that it is really difficult to solve. For example, if it was Y x 5 = 25 then the Y will of course be 5 because 5 x 5 = 25.

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  1. hey roimata so how was it doing algebra this is wonderful