Monday, 22 February 2016

The Prince who gave up everything

Walt: Research and find the answers to each question in the text.

Task: The task was to read the book called 'The Prince who gave up everything'. Then we had to answer all the questions and move onto researching. The first research was to create a new slide and find some information about India. One of the questions that we had to research was really interesting, it was how many languages do they speak in india, the results were that india can speak 780 languages. The next research is to create a new slide with interesting facts about 'what is Buddhism?'. One of the questions was really interesting, the one that I really liked knowing more about was 'why is Buddhism becoming popular'.

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  1. Mrs Ilaoa was right Roimata! You're paragraphs that go with your presentations are very informative. I loved that you shared with us some of the facts that your learnt and what you found interesting. Keep up the great work.