Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Superheroes Saving the day!!

Walt: Create a Narrative writing with the 4 w's.
Back in the 19th century, in a well known country, there were a group of superheroes that claimed themselves as “Justice crew” defender of Las Vegas. There names are Superman, Black Widow, Kitana, Beast Boy, Sub - Zero, Raiden, Blue Beetle and Wonder woman. Only 5 of these superheroes were the only ones that had powers and only 2 that had no super powers because they were normal humans, but they can fight. 

On the next day, the most evilest villains came back for revenge. Half of the superheroes from the bad side use to be good, but then they started being selfish and cold-hearted. So then one of the superheroes built the first time machine ever to be made in history. It was time for the superheroes to leave their world and go back to 1950s. 

When they went back to that time it looked mysterious to them. They were in China, where Sub - Zero was born and where he got taught on how to use his powers wisely. Sub - Zero’s father was strict and always bossy, but Sub - Zero was different to his father, Sub - Zero was clever, sweet, talented and he was always trusting. 

When they found the superheroes that turned evil in the future, they wanted to find some more information about what happened between all of them. When the problem was fixed they went back to the time machine to take them back to the future from where they were born. Everything was back to normal and they lived happily ever after. The End.

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