Friday, 7 October 2016

Riverside Camp 2016

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Today I just came back from my Riverside Camp, I had lot's of fun and I just want to thank the many people who came to help us with our camp and many thanks to the Willow Park staff who allowed us to stay and to make our camp possible if it wasn't for them. All of the Riverside Campers had lot's of fun at camp and we had some good & bad times at our camp.

We had some Duties to do & we had our own Cabins and we also had our own Leaders who had to sleep in the same cabin with us and the other half had to sleep in another room because their wasn't enough space that was inside each room. We always had to sleep really early because we had a lot of things happening at camp.

At our Concert, I saw Mrs Tele'a and her children & also Mr Tele'a. I also saw lot's of people that came to our concert to watch all of our items that we have been practicing for a while and we got to show off all of our skills and played some games along the way.

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