Friday, 14 October 2016

Immersion Assembly - Ch...Ch...Ch...Ch...Changes

Walt: Use the T.O.P.S model to write a narrative writing about the Immersion Assembly
Today it was our first day back to school and the teachers were going to show us movies, plays or even talk about what their learning about for this years topic. The students walked into the G.I school hall and we got to see lot’s of different equipments and tools that Mr Burt and Mrs Nua were using to bake an amazing pancake for us instead of stickers.

There was a mad scientist named “Fizzy, Wizzy Vottoms” and his experiments would always work because he tried his hardest. He works in a small laboratory that is close by from his house. Fizzy, Wizzy Bottoms tried to make a experiment that included Mentos and Coke, when he put the Mentos inside the bottle, he waited for the Coke to explode like a Volcano that was about to burst out like fireworks. 

Fizzy, Wizzy Bottoms was also known as “Fantastic Scientist?” because he was always trying to make one of the craziest experience and he would always succeed in everything he does. He was always putting all his efforts into each experiment he did. He also had a assistant named Mrs Ilaoa. Mrs IIaoa was always clumsy and she would sometimes bump into Fizzy, Wizzy Bottoms.

There were these scientist that used different materials to make one of the most craziest experience ever made in the world. There names were Mr Somerville and Mr Goodwin. They were the people who could use elements of the scientific method to test the validity of rumors, myths, movie scenes, adages, internet videos and news stories to test if they were true or false.

The crazy Mythbusters were always together and they always looked for different articles to see if they are telling the true or they were just false alarms. They could do a little experiment to see if they work or it was trying to get other people's attention. There is a good reason why Mr Goodwin & Mr Somerville is called the “Mythbusters” because they look at everything to see people saying that one of the experiments is impossible, so they always test the experiment out first before confirming it or the experiment is busted.

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