Thursday, 5 March 2015

My Cool Thing

My Favourite movies that I enjoy watching is Major Payne. My favourite parts of the movie is when this man went and said something wrong then Major Payne went and digged everybody into the garden and started watering their heads with the hose. When it was morning Major Payne told them to dress up in girls dresses and jog in them.

While we were watching my brother went and changed the movie and he started to listen to some music, while we were listening to some music my favourite song popped up and the name is Uptown Funk, me and my little sister was listening while dancing. When the song was finished my brother got in trouble by my mum and he had no choice but to change the song and carry on watching the movie.

When we were still watching I went to my mum and said “Mum can I get some chips” then she replied back to me “Yes you can get some chips but share it with your sister” so then I went and grabbed some chips and poured it into a big bowl so then it can be enough to share between us. When the movie was finished me and my little sister was playing tekken 6, while we were playing my sister chose Zafina and I chose Alisa. Me and my sister was fighting but my sister Mamarei was being rough on the controller.

I was getting angry so then I went and chose my favourite player and her name was Christie, while I was playing I went kicked her and she fell when I beat her and then she started crying so then she went inside the room. Then I was jumping up with joy and started being so happy, until I had to beat my cousin and his name was Papa I didn’t really wanted to challenge him but I had no choice so then my cousin chose Paul and I chose Christie again. We were playing until Papa beat me 1’s then when it came to the second challenge I beat him by doing a kick and then his player fell back then I got victory.

Then It was time to go sleep because I had to get up very early so then I can go to the birthday on Sunday.

So then I had fun in the end.

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  1. Hi Roimata
    I liked the joke that was so funny
    You Go Girl