Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Holiday Photo's

While it was still the school holidays my mum and dad was taking pictures of us and what we were doing. So I hope that you will like the photo's. While it was still the school holidays I was still in Aitutaki, I asked my dad for I was allow to go with him onto the kayak and catch some fish for us because we will be having fish for dinner tonight.

Then my dad said to me yes I was so happy that I went and hoped inside the kayak. Then my dad said to me that we will be going near the corals because that is where you can find heaps of fish and also big fish. I went and put a small fish onto the hook and waited for any fish to come and eat it , until for a while I felt something pulling the hook then that was my chance to get the fish.

Here is a picture of the fish that I caught in Aitutaki. 

1 comment:

  1. Loving your photos Roimata! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm quite jealous of the beautiful holiday you had. Your fish looks great! I caught some good fish in the holidays too. None of them were as beautiful as yours.

    Mr Burt