Wednesday, 25 October 2017

"What it means to be a good role model?"

Walt: Write an explanation writing about being a good role model.

A good example of a role model is being able to behave properly, set an example for little kids. Also to be in the right place, right time and have the right attitude. Someone that is positive and can be imitated by others. I’ll be writing about “What good Role Models would look, sound and act like?”

A role model is hard working, respectful and mature. Hard working is when they finish their work on time. Also to set it to a high standard. Being respectful means being a sponge. What I mean by that, is no matter what people say about you, just suck it all in and respond to them in a good manner. Being mature means acting your age and trying to be the older person. My older brother is a perfect example of why I look up to him so much.

Being a role model is encouraging, never gives up and positive. Encouragement is a special element that everybody has. They encourage others to do their best no matter the subject. Never giving up is about trying your best, even though you’re not good at that one thing. Always learn how to be positive towards others in any negative situation. They would always believe in you, even when life is hard for you. My dad is always positive and encourages me to do my best in everything.

The last thing about being a good role model is guiding you, self-talk and motivating. Being able to guide someone is really important. That means that you're guiding them on the right path of being kind and respectful. There is always a time when you need to learn how to self-talk. This means to be able to say positive things about yourself and never think negative. My mother taught me these things so that I would be able to show other people.

Try following these 3 simple steps and you will have lots of people looking up to, as their role model. But remember, role models aren’t always perfect, they learned the hard way of becoming role models. The people that you look up to doesn’t need to be celebrities, they can also be your family members. “You never know who you might be inspiring?”

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