Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pt England School Picnic Day

Last week on Friday, we had our annual school picnic where the whole school got to go to the Pt England Reserve. The day was cloudy, but nothing could stop our lovely principal or any of the students to go down to Pt England Reserve. Before we could leave our school, Mr Burt had to tell us some things for when we arrive to the reserve and he would also explain the places we were allowed to play once we arrive at the reserve.

Once we arrived at Pt England Reserve, we had to sit down in our class lines on the wet grass. But what we could do was to kneel or if you wanted to sit down, then you can. After Mr Burt finished explaining about the places we could play and who we could go to if their are any injuries during the picnic, we could find one of the ladies wearing a orange vest where we could spot her in the crowd. 

Then Mr Burt said one last thing before we could go and enjoy ourselves, "Make sure to have some fun during our annual picnic" and that was one of the most important thing that Mr Burt has ever said to us before we could leave because he wanted us to have as much fun as we want because that is the reason why we are having the picnic.

Then all of the students scattered off to play, eat or just relax in the shade before we could go swimming because the tide was out and we couldn't swim till the end of the picnic. Music was playing and everybody was going wild, some students were playing rugby while most of the students were making clay on the sand or even playing on the rocks.

At the end, everybody had so much fun that most managed to put dirt on themselves and they would make their parents really angry at them because they dirtied their school uniform. But we could dirty our own school uniform because it was Friday and we were allowed to have some fun. We also had a karaoke at the end and some students and staff were sitting down while the others were standing up waiting for their turn to sing a song for all of us. Image result for Pt England Picnic 2016

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