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Gray, The Greatest Teacher to walk the Earth? - Writing

Gray, The Greatest Teacher to walk the Earth?

On Tuesday 16th 1995, there was a teacher named Gray, he was about 32 years old and he loved to do science. Gray would always call himself “The Greatest Science Teacher to ever walk the Earth?” Gray and his friends named Jellal, Mavis & Lucy who all lived in Magnolia, where there experiment went wrong. His friends was Lucy and she was 16, Jellal was 17 & Mavis was 14 which made her the youngest girl in the group of friends.

The science experiment that Lucy, Jellal & Mavis wanted to do, was to see if you eat more carrots than you can see in the dark more clearly. Sometimes Gray might think that he is the greatest science in the world, but he still needs more understanding about science and needs to put a little bit more effort into his experiments and work hard at all times.

The problem was that he didn’t do what his friends asked him to do, but instead Gray wanted to do something that was even more interesting than what his friends wanted him to do. So he wanted to use his 50 dollars to see how long it can last before turning into dust. Another problem was that Gray didn’t use the right equipment to do the experiment.

So while Gray was doing his experiment, he could see flames of fire crawling on top of the money, little lights that looked like it was about to spark. What Gray could feel was fire crawling it’s way back up till it reaches the end of the money. What Gray could smell was Gas coming from the money, but he also could smell smoke that looked like it was about to sound a fire alarm any minute. Gray couldn’t taste anything because he was watching the money burning while the fire was doing it’s own job.

What Gray could hear was his friends were really depressed because it was a waste to use his 50 dollars as an experiment. But at the same time, Lucy, Jellal & Mavis was wanting to know what will happen next to the money once the fire has taken over the money. The experiment looked like it was about to explode as if it was going to burn his friends and himself and also including the village.

What Gray felt like he was worried because he kept on thinking that if his experiment would fail, then his friends and the villagers of Magnolia would ie and the fire would spread to each continent of the world and their country would look more like dust, with no food, water or any shelter to protect them and their kids in winter or to give them a comfortably place to stay.

The solution that Gray came up with was to listen to whatever his friends asked him to do and that he had to use the right equipment to make sure that he can get the right results. Also he could make sure that he didn’t put his money to waste.

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