Monday, 7 March 2016

Solution: Deconstructing and Re-Crafting.

Walt:Add language features to make our writing more interesting

Aysha was going to die because she was so hot that she started sweating like a waterfall. She started yelling as loud as she could so someone could help her. When she was about to give up, someone came and helped her. When she looked at him he was a little bit small like a dwarf. He came and pulled the fishing rod as hard as he could, but unfortunately that didn’t work. It felt like the fish weighed 200 tonnes. We were pulling so hard for 2 hours now that she was thirsting for water. She tried pulling the fish, but it  felt like some hungry Paranos.
Task: Our task was to come up with a solution with our story. 
We had to edit our writing by replacing all the boring words
with some more interesting words so our writing can get 
better and better. We had to have some writing features
in our writing. In Year 7 & 8 we have to have similes,

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