Friday, 4 March 2016

Memorial Service of Priscilla Tui

Walt: Write a recount about the Memorial Service of Priscilla Tui.
On Friday the 4th of March we had a Memorial Service for a really special lady and her name is Priscilla Tui. When we walked inside the hall, there was a song playing while we were walking inside the hall. While we were walking inside the building, there it was when I saw the Tui family sitting with all of Priscilla’s friends. 

The whole school was singing the national anthem, when that was over then it was time to get the progress moving. We wanted to celebrate the happiness and glory and also kindness that she brought in our lives. She was a Kind, Courage, Loving, careful, Strict. She was like an aunty or like a mum to all of us today. 

Priscilla was strict, but she was trying to push us to become better people. The whole school thought that Priscilla was a ‘Gap filler hero’, When we are in need, she was always there to guide us to happiness. When there is someone hungry then she doesn't just talk about it, she will always do something about. Today there are lunch in the school office it is all because of her. Her three daughters, two sons and her beloved husband came to say a speech about what she was like. 

Then there was a music to lead us all back to class. She will remain in heaven, in jesus arms. God will bless her forevermore. She knew that she didn’t want to see us cry, she wanted us to celebrate her life. She may be gone, but she will always remain in our hearts forever.

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