Friday, 24 August 2018

Hangi Experience

Walt: Identify the types of energy you could see/hear and add the sentences.

Yesterday our Science class dug up a hole for the Hangi. The containers were prepared. Rather the girls cleaning the vegetables, the boys were cleaning them for us. The energy that I’ve picked up on was heat energy, which reflected towards the sticks that turned into a chemical reaction. This created smoke from the fire.

There were many things that we needed to pack into every single container there was. We had to pack potatoes, carrots, chicken, meat and kumara. We had about 63 containers altogether, as the girls were packing them together, the boys were setting up the fire for the food. You could hear sound energy which created the sizzle from the fire.

Chemical Potential energy was stored inside the wood, which the food would be laid on it and it would be placed inside the food. It was a great and fun experience for the whole class, we all had fun bonding with each other and the whole class was having a great time.

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