Friday, 23 March 2018

Experiencing Volcano Eruptions

On Friday 23rd March, There was a Earthquake reported and located in Auckland, New Zealand. Before the Volcano could explode, something happened underground, something that human eyes can't see, but can experience and learn about. The Earthquake was caused by magma, which was pushing through the crust.

The bottom of the crust melts and this is caused by something called "Thermal plume." Magma is formed by continuous melting of rock due to high pressure and temperature conditions in the subsurface of the earth. At that moment, a grey smoke started to appear in the sky, that is when a volcano appeared in the middle of the sea.

Steam started to form on top of the water, when hot lava connected with the water, that is when a loud bang came. That is when everybody knew, that a terrible volcano eruption was about to happen at any minute. Scientists did not know about a new volcano appearing under water, so everyone had to escape, before time runs out. "Bang," you could hear citizens running for their lives and evacuating their family to a safe place.

The continental drift was causing New Zealand to move over the hot spot. Grey and black smokes started to emerge from the sea, causing lot's of noise and scaring everyone. I on the other hand, was horrified and trying to get as many people to escape.

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  1. Hi Roimata, here's your point score!
    You correctly used (for 3 points each):
    thermal plume
    continental drift

    I liked how you used the words 'horrified' to describe how you felt, 'emerge' to describe how it appeared from the sea, and 'evacuating; - 2 points each for them!

    You didn't lose any points for sentences not making sense or for forgetting any capital letters at the start of sentences BUT I am going to take two points away for the google definition of 'magma' that you've slipped into your post! Naughty :P Make sure anything you present on your blog is in your own words.

    So your total score was 28!

    I really like how you set your story as a news report in the beginning, and how you explained the earthquakes were caused by magma pushing through the crust. The hotspot underneath Auckland isn't VERY big; it doesn't sit under all of NZ - just Auckland. It's great how you've linked continental drift to the movement of NZ on it's tectonic plate over the hotspot.

    Thanks for sharing your story :)