Friday, 28 July 2017

Immersion Assembly - Term 3

Walt: Write about the Immersion Assembly that took place in our school hall.

What impact does the moon have on Earth? We humans have not been looking after our natural resources that we have on our planet. Our theme for this term is called “Guardians of the Galaxy!” We’re not only learning about our planet, but are focusing on other things that is beyond earth and the atmosphere in space.

Once we entered the hall for our immersion assembly. Suddenly, the lights turned off and all we could see were the southern lights that was glowing on the ceiling. The colours were bright, we were all fascinated by the different colours. It felt like we were all in space. Then the drone flew all over the hall.

Mr Burt and Mrs Nua was pretending to be like aliens and invade our world. But then, Mr Jacobsen and Mr Somerville came in to save us from the aliens. They both used laser staff to terminate the alien's. There are lot’s of things that happens in space like, galaxies, universe, gravity, milky way, constellations, black holes and an aurora. The stars in outer space shine just like matariki stars and they are really 

One of my main highlights was watching Team 1’s movie about how the moon and sun rotate around our planet. They are learning about how both the sun and moon affect our planet and what is the main purpose of them even existing?

My other favourite highlight about the assembly was watching the Team 3's movie. They were talking about our daily lives and talking about how time runs in the galaxy, also how it affects us. I really enjoyed watching the movies and Team 5's acting that they put together, all by themselves.

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  1. Hi Roimata! I enjoyed reading this - I wonder what ideas you have to present your inquiry findings for this term? Keep up the good work!