Monday, 23 February 2015

My Holiday Hightlight

On a cold day I was going to leave Auckland to go to Rarotonga. I went with my mum,dad and sister. We arrived at the airport it was kind of pack with heaps of people. My dad went to go and weigh our luggage so then we can be able to go and board the plane. Our luggage was the right weigh so then we had to go and check in. After that we went upstairs to say goodbye, When we said goodbye to my uncle and cousin we went in. We were on the plane the name of the plane was Air New Zealand. The air crew people that was on the plane they were showing us the safety card and showing us what we have to do.

We arrived in Rarotonga it was nice and hot, I saw my aunt out the window and she waved at me so then I waved back at her. We came out my aunty gave me a ei necklace. It was beautiful because it had lovely flowers but also itchy. We hoped in the car and when we were looking out the window it was like I was looking at a farm. My aunty told me to get out of the car so then I came out. When I came out I saw 4 dogs licking my hand It was ticklish for me. I went inside the house and I saw 5 moko’s they were going around. Sometimes in the morning I could hear cows making lots of noise. It was time for breakfast and my mum told me to go and help my aunty set up the table so then I did we were eating weetbix it was tasty.

Cook Island head ei and necklace ei.


It was time for me to leave Rarotonga and go to Aitutaki. We went to the airport and had to do the same thing we had to go and weigh our luggage. The people at the checkout had to go and take everybody's luggage onto the plane before we enter. Me and my cousins were taking selfies it was so fun. My mum called me and she told me to come so then the people at the checkout knows who is going and who is not going at all. when it was done I was waiting for the person on the microphone just to call out the number on the plane. It was time when I was about to go inside my aunt gave me a head ei. It was fake because we weren't allow real flowers on the head ei.  


When we arrived in Aitutaki it was so hot, it was hotter than Rarotonga. We came out of the plane and when we went inside I saw my cousin and her name was Anna. She gave me a beautiful Cook island ei it smelled so nice and fresh. I went outside the airport and looked around and told my cousin what are we going on, until my uncle came and helped me take the luggage onto his truck. When we finished putting our luggage onto the truck he said to me to hop at the back of the truck, so then I did what he told me to do when we were at the airport we were still in Vaipae, Me and my little sister Mamarei we told our dad where we were living and he told us that we were living in Amuri,Vaikoa. When we got there I was amazed and I couldn't believe my eyes we were living on the beach right near the water. When it was morning my mum and dad told me that we were going to go to Vaipae my dad told me that me and my little sister had to go and put on the bushman spray so then we won’t get bitten in Vaipae. There are a lot of mosquitoes in Vaipae and you will really get annoyed by them and you won’t be really happy.

So then me and my little sister went and hopped at the back of the truck and sat on the chairs so then we can see a better review. We arrived in Vaipae my aunt's and my cousins were staying in a broken house but it was fixed and half of them were living inside the old Vaipae clinic. I was playing with my cousins and then I saw my little baby cousin. My dad told one of my older cousins to go and help him with the pigs shelter so then they won’t escape. My dad said that we were going back home for tomorrow because my mum was thinking of us me and my little sister go onto the motoo with my other cousins. We went back home until I saw something on top of my head and it was so beautiful. When we were in Amuri,Vaikoa my mama said to my mum and dad where we were my mum and dad replied back that we were in Vaipae to go and visit my aunties and my cousins. It was night time my mum forgot to take a picture of the sunset but instead she was on her phone. Me and my little sister was still awake watching movies on our dad’s laptop the movie that we were watching was called Major Payne is was really funny but cool to watch.

It was morning and my dad woke me up just to go and see the sunset on top of the hills, but I wanted to see it but I was to tired. So before we went on top of the hills we went to the bakery just to go and buy some cheese bread before we go on top of the mountain. We got on top of the mountain it was a beautiful view because we could see different islands from far away but it was so amazing. While I was on the mountain it was cold so then I had my jumper so then I won’t freeze my mum was taking a picture of me and my little sister. My mum was waiting and we were thinking that the sun was going to rise up but instead we only saw clouds going around and  I was asking my mum what are we going to do if the sun doesn't rise up. So then we went back inside the car and drove down the hill from there we were now going to Vaipae because we were looking at what were they up too. They said that they were going on the motoo which means boat they were going with our uncle to the little island Aitutaki and my mum was still thinking about it and she said that we might or we will not go swimming. It was getting dark so then my mum said that it was time to go back home, so then we went and said goodbye to our aunts and cousins and uncles.

When we were on our way back home my dad was calling out our Mama but then she was already sleeping, so then we just carried on back home we got back and we had to get some stuff out of the truck and take it inside. When we entered the house I went to my dad and asked him for the laptop so then me and my little sister can go and watch movies on the laptop because sometimes if we can’t watch or do anything then we will have to go talk all the time. It was midnight and me and mamarei was laughing loud because we were watching laughing samoans and then the battery was going low then we just went and sneaked the charger out of the laptop case and plugged it to the laptop. The laptop was still charging but then we went and felt the charger it was so hot and it felt like a hot water, we were still watching until me and mamarei went and fell asleep while the laptop was still on then when we woke up we were looking around for the laptop and the charger but then there was only one place where we can find it so then we went to our dad and asked him if he has seen the laptop and the laptop charger. Then he said to us that he went and packed it away because we were sleeping too late because we were too busy watching movies late last night, but mum asked us if we really wanted to go to the Christmas parade and then me and mamarei said that we really want to go so then we can get some presents.

Me and Mamarei went and hopped at the back of the truck and sat down onto the chairs and had to go and hold on to it so then we won’t fall. My dad was driving the car and then we was driving in town, my dad saw a little station so then we went and parked our truck right near where the gas was and only mamarei and my mum could go inside the shop and buy us some drinks so then we won’t get thirsty. Mamarei and my mum came out of the shop with some drinks and my dad asked me to chose any drink that me and my little sister can drink on the truck, So then I grabbed the sprite and drank half of it and gave it to my little sister so then she can have a drink. We arrived at my aunt’s house and said hello to them and I asked one of my cousin if he was going to the Christmas parade and he replied back to me and said that he might be going or he won’t be going to the Christmas parade. After that we hopped back on to the truck and went underneath the tunnel just to go back home, we arrived back home and went for a swim then my dad and mum told me to go out and have a shower because the parade was on in the afternoon so then we went and had a quick shower and got ready just in time. We hopped back on to the truck and left Amuri just to go to Vaipae park, we arrived in Vaipae park and we saw a lot of cars parked.

We had the best Holiday ever.

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