Friday, 20 June 2014

My Mum

               My Mum.

My Mum’s Hair is soft like a birds feather, Her hugs is like a angel from heaven, She is the queen of our hearts in my whole family. My Mum’s face feels smooth like paper, I love you so much mum because you always been there for me even when I need you badly.

My Mum inspires me to do my best at anything even when I can’t do it I still have to try my best at all times, My Mum’s face glows like the sun, Whenever My Mum looks down at the sea I can see her Reflection, Her eyes is like  chocolate. When she looks in the light her eyes shines like a diamond.

For every hug and every kiss To send me on my way, For always putting me to bed, To prepare me for another day, When I am scared then she sings me a song and she kiss me on my head.

My Mum has been the best Mum that I ever had in my life, Because she was special to me and she gave birth to me so then I can do better work when I was baby, Even when I was a baby you showed me how you cared about me and you loved me so much, When I grow up I want to be a great Mum just like you and I could follow your ways.

Love you so much Mum!!!!!!!!!

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