Friday, 28 February 2014

What does Friendship Means to you?

Friendship means to me being the best you can to look after each other and treat each other the same way. So when you come and you say can I play with you guys? you never say no to them you say yes you can come and play with me. Always be kind and the other person will be kind to you if you let them play what game you and your friends are playing at school. Never ever play mean games because you could hurt someone and make them cry.

(Let me explain to you the four perfect things about friendship)

1st: Never leave a girl or a boy behind when they are on the grass crying.

2nd: Play the right game-that means do not play the wrong game or at the wrong place

3rd:It is all about Taiaki Toanga that means taking care of each other and being generous to other people.

(And let me tell you the last step but it is very Important)

4th: Friendship means to me is taking care of your friends and never leave a girl or a man behind. Always follow these four steps and you my friend can get another person to be friends with you remember be kind is the fun thing to do at Pt England school.

What I forgot to tell you one thing take care and friendship is not all about getting  more friends then the other it means be happy. If you only have one friend it is okay if the other person is being mean to you just make sure this is a good time to be kind and never forget this time to be friends with other people that you want them to be your own friends.

This is the last one I want to tell you about be kind is fun and it is nice and easy that’s how you can make friends at home or at school everywhere you go. That is your time to be friends even if someone has no one to play with that’s why we call our school Pt England School because it is all about taking care of everyone you love as a friend and you can laugh with your friends about anything. And never ever be mean to anyone you know in your life.

Remember these four steps and you my friend could be friends with another person take care.

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